UAE Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Cooperation Between Regional, International Bodies at the UN Security Council

NEW YORK – 08 September 2020 – The UAE reaffirmed its commitment to supporting cooperation between the regional and international mechanisms to achieve a shared goal of global peace, security and prosperity at the UN Security Council. In a written statement for the Open Debate on cooperation between the UN and regional and sub-regional organizations,

UAE Reaffirms Support for People of Lebanon

NEW YORK – 10 August 2020 – The UAE reaffirmed its support for the people of Lebanon during a virtual briefing on the humanitarian situation in the country in the wake of the tragic Beirut explosion on 4 August 2020. “Our hearts go out to the people of Lebanon,” Mrs. Amiera Alhefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative

UAE: International Community Needs to Enhance Efforts to Address Links Between Terrorism, Organized Crime

NEW YORK – 6 August 2020 – The UAE called on the international community to bolster its efforts to tackle the linkages between terrorism and organized crime, including through strengthening legal frameworks and the implementation of relevant UN resolutions. “The UAE co-sponsored [Security Council resolution 2482 in 2019] because we strongly believe that our efforts

UAE Reaffirms Commitment to Addressing Sexual Violence in Conflict at UN

NEW YORK – 17 July 2020 – The UAE reaffirmed its commitment to addressing conflict-related sexual violence at the UN Security Council’s meeting on sexual violence in armed conflict.  In a written statement to the Council, the UAE emphasized the importance of collaboration in enhancing compliance measures and dismantling structural barriers to effectively address the