Women in Peace and Security: How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Have to Go

Including women in peace processes works. As an Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh has an intimate understanding of why women’s involvement in peace and security matters. “Not only is it the right thing to do as a moral imperative,” she says, “but it is the smart thing to do.” “Women bring integrated

Statement of the President of the UN Security Council at the ECOSOC Special Meeting on Natural Resources, Peaceful Societies and Sustainable Development

Excellencies, colleagues, I would like to thank the President of the Economic and Social Council for the kind invitation to speak today in my capacity as President of the Security Council this month. We welcome opportunities for cooperation and interaction among the principal organs of the UN. As President of the Security Council this month,

UAE Explanation of Vote at UN Security Council

UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION Check against delivery. Mr. President, At the outset, we would like to thank the penholder, the United Kingdom, for its efforts to bring together the views of Member States during the negotiations. We also thank our colleagues in the Security Council for their cooperation during this brief period. The UAE welcomes the Council’s

The UAE Responds to COVID-19

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global challenge, requiring unprecedented global cooperation. The UAE’s response to the pandemic both domestically and internationally has been guided by its founding principle that we are stronger united than apart. During 2020, in the first phase of response to the pandemic, the UAE has airlifted critical medical supplies to over 128

UN Day: A Call for Global Cooperation

As the world celebrates 75 years of the United Nations, the UAE reaffirms its commitment to the principles of multilateralism and peace upon which the organization was founded. As a symbol of that commitment, the UAE lit the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, blue for UN Day. The UN came into existence on 24

UAE announces candidacy for non-permanent UN Security Council seat

Today, the United Arab Emirates officially launched its campaign to secure an elected non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the term 2022-2023. The announcement was made during the UAE’s statement at the General Debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly delivered by H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al

UAE, Israel Ambassadors to the UN Meet

NEW YORK – 23 September 2020 – Today H.E. Lana Nusseibeh, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the UAE to the UN, met with H.E. Gilad Erdan, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN following the signing of the UAE-Israel Peace Accord in Washington, D.C., on 15 September 2020. The meeting was held at

UAE Reaffirms Commitment to Multilateralism, Outlines Priorities for UN75

NEW YORK – 17 September 2020 – Reaffirming its firm commitment to global cooperation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has outlined the seven objectives that will guide its participation during the 75th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. In the face of growing global challenges, the UAE remains a strong proponent of a results-driven multilateralism