ABU DHABI – 19 January 2021 – H.E. Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said that the Arab world’s problems cannot be resolved without key players on the regional and global scene collaborating to strengthen “the spirit of solidarity and unity while addressing the menacing threats to peace and security.”

This came as the UAE minister delivered the statement of the Arab Group before the UN Security Council at a briefing entitled “Coordination between Security Council and Arab League,” wherein he underlined the necessity of ensuring cooperation between the UN Security Council and the Arab League in resolving disputes and crises.

The Group’s statement reiterated the inevitability of forging purely Arab solutions to the Arab world’s problems and reaching a unified stance vis-à-vis common challenges while limiting the use of veto power and engaging in an early warning system of crises.

“This meeting gains great significance against the backdrop of the complicated and multilateral crises that weighed on the potential and resources of Arab nations and their peoples,” said Minister Gargash, noting that the absence of effective solutions leads to the exacerbation of ongoing crises and causes them to pose menacing threats to regional and international peace and security.

“In parallel with the commendable efforts made by the Security Council, the Arab League has been sincerely endeavoring to forge solutions to regional crises, particularly those in Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Palestine, especially considering that no one single organisation is able to reach durable and comprehensive solutions to these complicated crises that require collective efforts to be resolved.”

The statement called for holding an annual meeting to look into prominent Arab issues and to intensify visits by international officials to the region in order to reach a deeper and clearer understanding of the nature of the ongoing crises.

Dr. Gargash also called for ensuring continued coordination between the special envoys of the UN and Arab League to accelerate mediation efforts on ongoing crises and reach common ground to reinforce peace in the region.

The statement called for ensuring a common international position in support of Arab issues while limiting the use of veto power, stopping foreign meddling into Arab affairs, protecting the region against weapons of mass destruction, and putting an end to the Israeli occupation of Arab territories in compliance with relevant Security Council resolutions.

He underlined the importance of the Security Council and Arab League cooperating across all states of the early warning system of crises in order to avoid the eruption of additional crises.

In this respect, the statement proposed the development of innovative ways to accelerate information exchange, enhance preventive diplomacy, and ensure continued coordination between UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Arab League Secretary-General Dr. Ahmed Aboulgheit.