NEW YORK – 1 March 2022 – The United Arab Emirates announced USD 5 million in humanitarian assistance to benefit all civilians impacted by the situation in Ukraine. The contribution is made to the United Nations’ Humanitarian Flash Appeal and the Regional Refugee Response Plan for Ukraine and is a reflection of the UAE’s emphasis on humanitarian solidarity in any conflict setting. 

The UAE underscores the importance of focusing on the deteriorating humanitarian situation for civilians, including by ensuring their protection, as well as  preventing the unimpeded access for humanitarian agencies and actors and safe passage for anyone wanting to leave the country without discrimination or obstacles as stated during the UN Security Council’s meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine on 28 February.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres officially launched the appeal to fund the UN’s humanitarian operations in Ukraine on 1 March 2022, which according to UN reports is much needed as many, thousands of people are suffering because of shortages in essential services.