NEW YORK – 2 March 2022 – Today the United Arab Emirates voted in favor of the United Nations General Assembly resolution on the situation in Ukraine. 

Speaking at the UN General Assembly’s emergency special session, H.E. Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the UN, stated: “We voted for this resolution, and we join with Member States in making an appeal to peace. A just peace that endures by recognizing the legitimate concerns of all parties and also abides by the UN Charter’s principles of independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

Additionally, H.E. Nusseibeh noted, however, that resolving the conflict will require dialogue and effective diplomacy. 

“The UAE recognizes the need to meet this moment with renewed diplomacy and leadership, and put the needs of the people on the ground at the center of our efforts. The avenues for dialogue must, however, remain open more urgently than ever before, and we must pursue them together,” she said. “Despite deepening divisions, now is the time to take a step back, identify diplomatic off-ramps and engage constructively to end this conflict. It is also a time to summon our reserves of wisdom and experience to guide the way forward.”

H.E. Nusseibeh stated that the credibility of the UN rests on its universal representation and its effectiveness in applying the principles upheld by the international community. She called for these principles to be applied equally.

Furthermore, H.E. Nusseibeh expressed the UAE’s deep concern over the humanitarian developments in Ukraine and stated that the collective responsibility of the international community must be towards exhausting all efforts and using all diplomatic channels to prevent a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation. On 1 March, the UAE announced a USD 5 million contribution to the UN’s Humanitarian Flash Appeal and the Regional Refugee Response Plan for Ukraine. The assistance will benefit all civilians impacted by the ongoing hostilities and reflects the UAE’s deep commitment to humanitarian solidarity – ensuring the protection of civilians, unimpeded access for humanitarian agencies and actors, and safe passage for anyone wanting to leave the country without discrimination or obstacles.

H.E. Nusseibeh added, “We all need to galvanize UN efforts to promote dialogue, work towards an end to the hostilities, and address the humanitarian situation for those most desperately in need.”

The UAE was one of 141 Member States to vote in favor of the UN General Assembly resolution.