The UAE agrees with the general framework proposed by the co-facilitators, with commitments structured around objectives, in a setup that is similar to the SDGs. However, we believe that the number of objectives could be reduced, in order to avoid overlaps. We will be making specific suggestions on restructuring at a later stage.

On objectives 1 through 6, and specifically 3, 5 and 6, we are happy to see a number of proposals reflected in the text that the UAE, alongside other countries of origin and destination, were advocating during our consultations. In particular, we welcome references to:

  • Comprehensive information programs offered to prospective and newly arrived migrants on their rights and obligations, as well as awareness-raising initiatives; (3 d)
  • Facilitating labor mobility agreements as a way of regularizing migration flows; (5 b)
  • Promotion of decent work norms; (6 g)
  • Minimizing the cost of labor migration by the enforcement of ethical recruitment practices. (6 d)

We would however like to voice our strong concern about the proposal under Objective 6 commitment H: “to ending the practice of tying work visas to a single employer or sponsor”. We believe that sponsored- employment labour admission regimes – which are administered by a variety of member states across many regions of the world, notably in the context of temporary and circular labor migration – demonstrably contribute to development and to improving the lives of migrant workers and members of their families.  The critical need from the point of the GCM is to ensure that good national labor law governs the contracts, such as the right of either party to opt out of the contract.

We wish to underline that the zero draft needs to remain true to the outcomes of the consultative phase!

Lastly, as mentioned in our general statement, we would like to see refugees being dealt with in the framework of the Global Compact for Refugees. Commitments 2L and 5F, would accordingly be better placed in the Compact on Refugees.

Thank you, Mr Chair.