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Thank you, Mister Chair,

I would like to thank Niger and all co-hosts for convening this important meeting.

Allow me to share with you two propositions on how we believe the Group’s objective to ensure a gendered approach in the Sahel region can best be achieved.

First, we must ensure active coordination and engagement between the Security Council and the Group of Friends of Women of the Sahel. The Group could inform relevant Council discussions on women and girls’ needs and roles in the region, and contribute to developing tailored approaches to address transnational challenges in the Sahel.

Second, a gender-responsive security sector is an important element in securing the Sahel region’s peace and stability. The UAE’s Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak WPS Training Initiative has trained over 300 women cadets since its launch in 2018. Trainees from the Sahel region were amongst those who graduated from the programme last year.

The UAE remains a committed partner in strengthening regional stability and security in the Sahel, and we believe women must be enabled to participate in this sector on an equal footing. Therefore, the UAE is delighted to join this Group and we look forward to collaborating with all of you during our term on the Security Council in 2022 and 2023.

Thank you.