Delivered by Mr. Mohamed Boausaibah


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Mr. President,

The UAE appreciates convening this debate under the mechanism established by resolution 76/262 and its aim to enhance transparency in the work of the Security Council. That mechanism provides a useful opportunity for a wider exchange of views following the use of the veto in the Security Council.

Mr. President,

Since the beginning of this year, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has launched at least 26 ballistic missiles, including some of intercontinental range, each in violation of Security Council resolutions. The UAE strongly condemns these repeated violations and provocations by the DPRK. On 5 June alone, the DPRK launched eight ballistic missiles from three different locations. These missile launches put the neighboring countries and the wider region at imminent risk and threaten regional and international peace and security. Proliferation anywhere undermines our collective security everywhere.

In light of the repeated violations of Security Council resolutions by the DPRK and consistent with its principled position on non-proliferation, the UAE supported the draft resolution put forward by the United States in the Security Council on 26 May.

Moving forward, the UAE remains steadfast in its commitment to work with all Council members to agree to a response that we can all support and which fulfills the Council’s mandate. The Council is strongest when it is united. Now, it is time to find common ground so that the Council can fulfill its primary responsibility to maintain peace and security and address the threats posed by the DPRK’s actions.

Thank you.