Delivered by: Sarah AlAwadhi, Second Secretary

We thank the co-facilitators, Germany and Namibia, for convening this consultation.

We also thank you for providing us with a draft decision which will serve as the basis for our discussions to agree on the scope and elements of the Summit of the Future. We align our statement with that delivered on behalf of the G77 and China. In my national capacity, I wish to highlight the following general points and views:

At first glance, we are generally supportive of the cofacilitators’ proposed way forward, including the Chapeau and other clusters based on elements identified in our preliminary rounds of consultations. This process should not be seen in isolation with other General Assembly discussions, and we recall the importance of building upon other processes that should feed into the Summit of the Future next year.

Generally, the UAE would like to see several cross-cutting issues included in the draft decision. It is critical that the output of this process is concise, action-oriented, and forward-looking so that it can have a positive impact on the world and overcome the dynamics that are undermining human progress. Specifically, we would like to note the following points on the draft decision:

On the Chapeau – We believe that the chapeau presents a good basis for our discussions. Given the magnitude of world challenges, it is important to go back to basics and reaffirm our collective commitment to multilateralism and its main legal framework, beginning with the UN Charter.

On Cluster 1 – The UAE believes that addressing climate change is a top priority and should be included in this Cluster. Sustainable Development will not take place without progress and ambition on climate action. The centrality of this enormous challenge must be included in the draft decision, keeping in mind the different fora in which this issue is discussed.

On Cluster 2 – Maintaining peace and security remain key across the multilateral system, and we welcome the emphasis on addressing current threats to prevent the outbreak, escalation, and recurrence of conflict. Elements such as preventive diplomacy, peacebuilding, countering terrorism, addressing extremism, and promoting the values of human fraternity and peaceful co-existence should be incorporated to ensure long-term peace and stability.

On Cluster 3 – The UAE has been at the forefront of innovative fields, including digital cooperation and space exploration. We must promote knowledge-sharing and inclusive and constructive dialogue to harness the potential of digital technologies for global peace, security, and sustainable development. In addition, tackling intolerance, incitement and hate speech, as well as misinformation and the spread of disinformation, both online and offline, must be amongst common priorities to further strengthen our efforts to benefit all including youth and future generations.

On Cluster 4 – We echo the importance of transforming global governance for a better future. Mechanisms developed decades ago should be improved to respond to the challenges of the present and the future. We would encourage the consideration of other specific priorities such as youth, public health, and inclusivity to ensure a holistic approach to governance at all levels.

We look forward to continuing our engagement in this process constructively.

Thank you.