Delivered by: Sarah AlAwadhi, Second Secretary

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

The United Arab Emirates takes the floor in an explanation of vote after the vote on the amendment on preambular paragraph 13 in the resolution entitled “Promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue and tolerance in countering hate speech” which was adopted by consensus today.

It is regrettable that an amendment was called on a traditionally consensual resolution, especially since the Kingdom of Morocco, as facilitator spared no effort in accommodating and bridging the widely differing views of all delegations.

We voted against the amendment because we strongly believe that freedom of expression must not be used as an excuse to fuel hatred among people and societies. Hatred should not have any place in our world today.  

The UAE stresses the need to respect religious symbols and holy books to avoid incitement and polarization at a time when the international community needs to work together to reaffirm a commitment to upholding the universal principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

We appreciate the Kingdom of Morocco for their leadership and for the successful adoption of the resolution, which the United Arab Emirates has proudly co-sponsored.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.