Mr. President,

The UAE is pleased to contribute to the consideration of the recommendations in Our Common Agenda. We align ourselves with the statement of the G77 and China, as delivered by Pakistan, and the Arab Group, as delivered by Yemen.

I would like to add a few remarks in my national capacity, specifically regarding the Secretary-General’s recommendations on gender mainstreaming, engaging with all relevant actors and UN reform more broadly.

First, the issues of women’s empowerment and gender equality have long been top priorities for the UAE. As we commemorated International Women’s Day earlier this week, it was a moment to take stock of where we are and where we should be. Moving gender equality out of silos into all discussions of peace and security, development, and humanitarian aid is critical. It must be a top priority for all of us.

Second, we support the vision of the Secretary-General for a networked multilateralism, including with the private sector. We cannot implement a lot of the decisions that we have discussed today unless we bring everyone on board. Multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as the Generation Equality Forum’s Compact for Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action, are vital mechanisms for advancing such partnerships and we must tap into their potential to advance Our Common Agenda as well.

And third, my country has been a staunch supporter of initiatives to reform the principal organs of the United Nations – as evidenced by our leadership roles over the past few years in processes including the revitalization of the General Assembly and the reform of the Security Council. We will continue to work in a constructive way to ensure that the main organs of the UN reflect the needs and realities of today and are able to respond to them effectively and efficiently.  The Secretary-General’s proposal of an enhanced UN youth office is a useful approach in that regard.

In conclusion, as we near the end of our thematic discussions on Our Common Agenda, the UAE looks forward to hearing more about the proposed way forward. Mr. President, you can count on my delegation’s proactive participation.

I thank you.