Delivered by Ameira AlHefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative

Mr. President,

I thank Mr. Miroslav Jenkča for his thorough briefing regarding the recent developments between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and I welcome the participation of the representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan in today’s meeting. I would also like to welcome the ceasefire agreement reached between both countries yesterday evening and express our appreciation for the mediation efforts that led to this agreement. The UAE has expressed its deep concern regarding the recent hostilities, including military clashes around the border areas, as well as the reported casualties and damages to civilian infrastructure. In light of our concern and in order to avoid another escalation, we stress the importance of concerted efforts to sustain the ceasefire and encourage self-restraint by both parties, as emphasized in the Secretary-General’s statement on 13 September regarding the situation.

The UAE looks forward to building on this positive development and for the two parties to be able to reach a more comprehensive agreement that leads to a sustainable peace that shelters civilians from the dangers of war.

We note that any further escalation would pose a threat to the current fragile global situation, at a moment when the world is facing an increase in crises and widespread human suffering. In this Council, we must fulfill our responsibilities and work to prevent the worsening of the current crisis. We must encourage the two parties to return to the negotiating table and resolve their disputes through peaceful and diplomatic means.

Mr. President,

The trilateral agreement of 2020 laid the foundation for stability in the region, and we witnessed positive and promising developments early this year regarding the progress made by the two parties in the negotiations. We also saw encouraging steps towards addressing the unresolved issues between them. It is important to restore this momentum and make tangible progress in the peace process. In this regard, we hope that the two parties will participate in mediation efforts, constructively and in good faith, to reach a lasting and peaceful solution and to avoid any repercussions that may result from yet another escalation in the region, particularly on regional peace and stability.

The UAE reiterates the importance of maintaining the ceasefire and calls on the two parties to continue in their efforts to reach a peaceful solution in line with international law and the United Nations Charter.

Thank you.