Delivered by Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative Mohamed Abushahab

Thank you Mr. Chair, and thank you to the briefers.

At the outset, I would like to reiterate the UAE’s longstanding position of support and commitment to the Biological Weapons Convention.

Pursuant to the Convention, biological weapons must never be developed, produced, stockpiled, acquired, retained or transferred. The use of biological weapons by anyone under any circumstance, is illegal and an an attack on our shared humanity.

We recognize the importance of supporting and facilitating research related to the use of biological agents and toxins for peaceful purposes, including for the prevention of disease as contemplated by Article X (Ten) of the Convention.

We urge states to consult one another and to cooperate in resolving any issues that arise under the Convention. We encourage constructive consultations and good faith engagement in this regard, and stress that exchanging and publishing relevant information is an important measure to build trust.

The UAE looks forward to engaging in the 9th Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention to be held this August in Geneva. The Conference should help to ensure that the Convention remains a valuable tool to prevent the use of these illegal and horrific biological weapons.

Thank you Mr. Chair.