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Madam President,

I thank the Assistant-Secretary-General, Mr. Khaled Khiari, for his valuable briefing. We also welcome the participation of the Republic of Korea and Japan in today’s meeting.

The UAE condemns the latest series of further missile tests by the DPRK, in addition to the missiles launched since September, including reports of a submarine-launched ballistic missile on 7 May, as well as the intercontinental ballistic missile launched in March.  

The reports that the DPRK is preparing to conduct another nuclear test are troubling. We call on the DPRK to respect relevant international law and norms. We also urge DPRK to refrain from any further missile tests, to abide by the Security Council’s resolutions and its relevant obligations under international law, and to return to diplomatic talks.

Madam President,

The Security Council must do everything it can to prevent further deterioration of the security environment on the Korean peninsula and additional harm to the global non-proliferation agenda. In that context, I would like to emphasize three points:

First, it is important at this critical juncture that the international community maintains a clear message on the importance of non-proliferation and maintains robust efforts in ensuring full compliance by all member states. This is essential to preserve the achievements made over the past few decades.

Second, with regard to the concerns that measures taken by the Council, such as sanctions, could harm the DPRK’s development and impact stability in the region, the UAE affirms its readiness to work with Council members; other Member States, including the DPRK’s neighbors to address the humanitarian concerns while ensuring that the Council carries out its responsibility to maintain international peace and security. In that context, the UAE calls on DPRK to resume dialogue with the relevant stakeholders. We also note that DPRK and its people would benefit from numerous economic and development returns if it engages in a genuine denuclearization process.

Third, the UAE is deeply concerned that the people of the DPRK continue to suffer from the dire humanitarian situation. We stress that the limited resources of the country should be directed towards the provision of basic needs and necessities for its people. For the international community and the UN to help the North Korean population, the DPRK government should engage in constructive dialogue with UN officials, including the UN Resident Coordinator, and allow them to return to the country and carry out their essential work.

In conclusion, my country reiterates that sanctions compliance by all Member States and full implementation of Security Council resolutions remain essential pillars for maintaining international peace and security.

Thank you, Madam President.