Delivered by: His Excellency Mohamed Abushahab, Ambassador and Permanent Representative

Mr. President,

By voting in favour of Resolution 2692, the United Arab Emirates reaffirms its full support for BINUH and its role to assist Haiti back on the path towards peace and stability. The ongoing and horrific violence, including abhorrent reports of sexual and gender-based violence employed by armed gangs on the people of Haiti, remains completely unacceptable.

The security and political situation in Haiti must be addressed simultaneously. While the Council continues its discussions on how to best respond to the deteriorating security situation, we once again call on all relevant stakeholders to work towards an inclusive and inter-Haitian dialogue for a Haitian-led and owned political settlement. This remains critical for the sake of the people of Haiti and the wider region.

We therefore welcome the resolution’s increased recognition of the important role of regional countries and organisations, including CARICOM, to support Haiti towards stability and security.

Mr President,

Haiti remains one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters and climate change. Just last month, we witnessed the heavy rainfalls and floods which followed the earthquakes that hit Haiti. The implications of climate change have aggravated the already dire food, water, and humanitarian situation – destroying critical infrastructure, as well as impeding the capacity for humanitarian actors to reach those who are most in need.

We therefore welcome the resolution’s inclusion of a paragraph, proposed by the UAE, which recognises that the adverse impact of climate change and natural disasters are exacerbating the humanitarian situation in Haiti, further fueling instability. We applaud the penholders’ constructive approach on this critical issue, as well as across the text, reflected in the unanimous adoption today – a much needed sign of Council unity.

I thank you, Mr. President.