Delivered by H.E. Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative

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By voting in favor of resolution 2653, the UAE reiterates its support for Council efforts to directly address the difficult security situation in Haiti through targeted sanctions against armed gangs. The violence and terror that armed gangs impose on the people of Haiti remains completely unacceptable. Establishing a sanctions regime on armed gangs in Haiti with this resolution is an important step to address such acts. In particular, the arms embargo to prevent the supply of illicit weapons to armed groups is much needed.

Mr. President,

The sobering briefings and reports we have heard on the dire humanitarian situation in Haiti, including widespread food and water insecurity, lack of electricity, fuel, and medical support, and now a resurgence of cholera, have been nothing short of devastating. We therefore welcome that this resolution incorporates the proposal made by the UAE and supported by Council Members for a humanitarian carveout to minimize the impact of sanctions measures on humanitarian assistance to Haiti, and we applaud the penholders’ constructive approach on this critical issue, reflected in the unanimous adoption today – a much needed sign of the possibility of Council unity.

In addition, we welcome the penholders’ inclusion of proposals made by us to give increased recognition to the important roles of regional countries and organizations, including CARICOM, to support Haiti in its path to peace and stability. We also welcome the inclusion of our proposals for strengthened sanctions designation criteria in this resolution to address the horrifying reports of sexual and gender-based violence by armed gangs, and we fully endorse the language included there.

We also look forward to future discussions to establish clear, well-defined, and achievable benchmarks for the eventual lifting of sanctions when the time is right.

Mr. President,

We recognize that this resolution is not the panacea that will put Haiti back on a path towards peace. We once again call urgently on all stakeholders in Haiti to work towards an inter-Haitian political settlement, and I thank you.