Delivered by H.E. Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative

Thank you, Madam Chair.

I would like to begin by thanking the distinguished panelists for a very substantive discussion in today’s session. The United Arab Emirates’ commitments to these discussions is longstanding, and I am pleased to share today, at the instruction of my country’s leadership, that the UAE will sponsor the UN Chiefs of Police Summit in 2024. UNCOPS has long played an integral role in strengthening international peace, security, and development, and the UAE is proud to support the Summit’s fourth iteration.

Continuing these broader discussions on UN policing is critical as we approach the 2030 target for the Sustainable Development Goals. And, as we reflect on the progress made thus far, it is clear how vital the role of law enforcement is. From ‘Reducing Inequality’ and building ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’, to fostering ‘Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions’, keeping our global communities safe and secure underlies our collective work across all the SDGs. Our presence here today is a testament to our global, cross-border mission to build ‘Partnership for the Goals’.

We should all appreciate the constant innovation and improvement that our police officers – and all law enforcement professionals – strive for in their work. In this regard, I would like to thank the United Nations – and UNCOPS in particular – for acting as a convenor on this important issue and for providing a forum where we can share best practices and lessons learned to make further progress in this collective endeavor.

As described by the Secretary-General in “Our Common Agenda”, community-oriented policing is a key tool to address the current global trust deficit. Effective law enforcement enables access to justice, strengthens social cohesion, and makes us all feel safe and secure. To do so, it needs to be gender-responsive, evidence-based, and field-tested.

Now, implementing these measures across UN peace operations is no small task. For the many Member States on their journey to achieve the SDGs, UN Police is a reliable partner, an enabler, and a trusted advisor. The UN’s policing capabilities are vital for countries emerging from conflict. What else could be more valuable for host countries than assistance in strengthening the capacities of local police to protect civilians, investigate crimes, and deliver on broader law enforcement responsibilities? To continue to foster sustainable peace, standards must be consistent for all UN personnel – be they civilian or uniformed.

That is why the implementation of the Integrated Peacekeeping Performance and Accountability Framework is so important.

To achieve sustainable development, policing cannot be considered a standalone issue. All the institutions working on upholding the rule of law and serving criminal justice need to be considered as part of a continuum. This is particularly important in the context of the exit strategies of peace operations and the institution-building role that UN Country Teams can continue to play once field missions’ drawdown.

To sustain peace, we need to ensure we are developing capabilities on two key fronts: training and technology. Senior police officers must be trained to manage their teams and enhance performance through impartial and objective assessments that utilize smart technologies to systematically report performance data.

Last month, the UAE’s Ministry of Interior organized a successful five-day workshop to explore this issue with UN partners, including senior police leadership deployed in field missions. During the workshop, the UAE shared its own experience using technology, particularly the applications of virtual reality.  Based on our own recent learnings in this emerging field, we strongly encourage our partners – including in the UN community – to embrace the new opportunities presented by technology.   

But as a panelist has so convincingly said today, we should not let the technology outdistance us. It is through sessions like today’s that we can strengthen our cooperation and bring about the change needed to drive sustainable development. The UAE looks forward to working with all of you in improving global policing capabilities – so we may reach our objective of a safer, better, and more sustainable world for all.

Thank you.