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Mr. President,

At the outset, I would like to thank Mr. Martin Griffiths and Mr. Filippo Grandi for their remarks.

Mr. President,

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine has deteriorated significantly in recent days, as the continued fighting results in damages to civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties and deaths. According to UN reports, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering because of the great shortage in essential services. Furthermore, many homes were damaged or destroyed, while residents numbering in the hundreds of thousands are becoming displaced or seeking refuge in neighboring countries. A such, all civilians who are trying to find a safe place must be allowed to do so unhindered, without being subjected to discrimination.

In light of the crisis in Ukraine, we stress the importance of focusing on the deteriorating humanitarian situation of all civilians, including by working to ensure the protection of civilians, and preventing the disastrous humanitarian situation from escalating beyond our ability to address or contain. For its part, the UAE is looking into Ukraine’s humanitarian needs resulting from the crisis, based on its consistent efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians suffering from the conflict.

We deplore the ongoing violence in Ukraine and reiterate the need for restraint, a cease-fire, and a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The continuation of the fighting will lead to further losses among civilians, in addition to worsening the humanitarian situation, which is exacerbated by the extreme temperatures this winter, as civilians are fleeing the crisis, seeking refuge and safe havens.

Therefore, we urge all parties to implement their obligations under international law, including by allowing humanitarian aid to reach those in need and to refrain from targeting civilians. We also reiterate the need to comply with the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, especially the respect for the sovereignty, independence, and the territorial integrity of states. These principles, upon which the United Nations was founded, apply to all Member States, regardless of their resources, capabilities, or geographical size.

In conclusion, my country reiterates the importance of working to reach an immediate ceasefire and seeking peaceful solutions that serve regional and international security and stability.

Thank you.