Delivered by: Ghasaq Shaheen, Political Coordinator

Thank you, Madam President. We also thank USG Nakamitsu for her informative briefing, we listened carefully to Mr. Waters, and I welcome Ukraine’s participation at today’s meeting.

The UAE reiterates its long-standing position that it is vital to safeguard weapons during transfer, storage, and deployment. That is particularly urgent in the context of ongoing military hostilities. We, therefore, urge continued vigilance and transparency with the measures in place to mitigate any unintended risks that may be associated with arms transfers in this context.

To that end, we welcome ongoing efforts and initiatives to strengthen arms control in Ukraine and across the region, especially those aimed at addressing potential diversion. It is crucial that these weapons do not fall in the wrong hands.

Madam President,

Over the course of the past year, we have discussed many of the impacts of the war in Ukraine. Most recently, this Council was briefed on the humanitarian situation and the international response to alleviate the suffering of Ukrainian civilians.

Similarly, the topic today highlights the importance of addressing the conflict’s potential impact on weapons proliferation. In that context, the UAE remains firm in its long-standing position that the Council must ensure consistent compliance with all its resolutions.

Thank you.