As a candidate for a seat on the UN Security Council for the 2022-2023 term, the UAE is committed to advancing inclusion, spurring innovation, building resilience, and securing peace.

Securing Peace

Dedicated to the Charter of the UN and International Law. The principles of the UN Charter are the core of the UAE’s foreign policy, which seeks to strengthen adherence to international law and UN resolutions. On the Security Council, we will continue to uphold the Charter, which guides all our work to promote peace and security across the world.

Peacemaker. Guided by a fundamental belief that reconciliation is achievable, the UAE has pursued innovative solutions to overcome longstanding diplomatic obstacles and to create pathways to resolve seemingly intractable conflicts. We will similarly work to overcome divisions within the Security Council.

Champion for Multilateralism. In addressing the serious challenges in our region, the UAE has embraced multilateralism as a tool to reduce tensions, resolve crises, and develop lasting and comprehensive political solutions. We believe that we are stronger when we keep channels of communications open and work collectively to address complex global issues together, including by collaborating across borders and sectors. The UAE will continue to champion multilateralism in the Security Council and other platforms within the UN system.

Advancing Inclusion

Elevating Women’s Voices. The UAE is a leader in promoting gender equality in the Middle East and globally. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap report, the UAE has achieved the highest level of gender parity in the Arab world. In partnership with UN Women, the UAE launched the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Women, Peace and Security Initiative, helping to equip more than 300 women from across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia since 2019. When elected to the Security Council, the UAE will bring a commitment to ensuring the meaningful participation of women in peace negotiations.

Inclusive by Design. More than 200 nationalities call the UAE home. The UAE hosts dozens of Christian churches, two Hindu temples, a Jewish synagogue, a Sikh temple, and a Buddhist monastery. And in 2022 the Abrahamic Family House will be completed—a landmark interfaith complex in Abu Dhabi that will include a church, a synagogue, and a mosque. The UAE empowers its youth across all levels of society, as well as persons with disabilities who are recognized as people of determination. On the Security Council, the UAE will prioritize the values of inclusion, mutual respect, , and understanding among people.

Spurring Innovation

Hub for Global Connection. At the crossroads of continents, the UAE thrives on its ability to convene people from all corners of the world. This year, the UAE is opening its doors to the world by hosting EXPO for the first time in the Middle East, bringing together world leaders to address pressing challenges and opportunities.

Reform-Minded. The UAE has been forthright in its view that the Security Council must adapt to a changing global security landscape. The UAE has put this belief into action as the co-chair of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform for the 72nd, 73rd and 74th Sessions of the UN General Assembly. As Co-Chair, the UAE has worked to find consensus among Member States and like-minded groups. As a Security Council member, the UAE intends to continue advocating for necessary reforms that will strengthen the UN system.

Reaching for the Stars. The UAE has long fostered a culture that celebrates problem solving to advance human progress and will bring this spirit to the Security Council. In 2018, the UAE helped UN Secretary-General António Guterres fulfill his vision to launch a High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. In 2019, the UAE formed the first Arab Space Coordination Group, a group of 11 Arab countries developing an advanced satellite to monitor the Earth, environment, and climate.

Building Resilience

Delivering on Climate Action. Climate change, in particular, presents complex threats to peace and security. The UAE is doing its part by seeking new energy alternatives and we have set an ambitious target to source half of our energy needs from renewable or zero-emission nuclear sources by 2050. We also continue to champion multilateral efforts to drive climate action, including by hosting the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi. The UAE is committed to addressing the impact of climate-related risks, such as desertification and droughts, in Security Council deliberations and outcomes.

Generous Partner. The UAE recognizes that inclusive development where no one is left behind is integral to international peace and security. As a result, the UAE has consistently been one of the world’s most generous donors of humanitarian and development assistance relative to gross national income. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE has provided more than 1,742 tonnes of aid to 128 countries to assist 1.7 million medical workers, as of February 2021.

The world has changed since the UAE concluded its last term on the Security Council in 1987, but now more than ever the UN and the Security Council remain indispensable platforms for resolving conflict and promoting peace and security. While faith in multilateralism will continue to be tested in the years ahead, the UAE pledges to build bridges and work with all Member States to put into practice our belief that the international community is “Stronger United”.