NEW YORK – 8 April 2021 – The UAE underlined the importance of partnerships and cooperation in efforts to reduce the social, economic, and security impact of landmines and explosive remnants of war, including through exchange of information, technical expertise, and financial and material assistance.

In a written statement to the UN Security Council for its open debate on mine action and sustaining peace, the UAE said: “The international community must work to continue mine action and address this critical challenge to sustaining peace and rebuilding war-torn communities.”

The UAE highlighted how it has prioritized mine action in Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Kosovo, in collaboration with international partners, as well as the host state and local communities. To date, the UAE has contributed USD 50 million towards mine action in Southern Lebanon and USD 27.8 million in Afghanistan.

The UAE further recommended using innovative technologies to safely and efficiently address the threats of mines and stressed that peacekeepers be adequately trained, informed, and equipped to reduce the threat. The UAE stated it has helped raise awareness, citing a field engineering team that conducted awareness campaigns for residents in liberated areas of Yemen on the dangers of mines and explosives.

Additionally, the UAE paid tribute to all those who lost their lives or whose lives were forever altered by landmines, explosive remnants of war, and improvised explosive devices, and also expressed sincere appreciation to those who contribute to de-mining efforts around the world.