NEW YORK – 08 September 2020 – The UAE reaffirmed its commitment to supporting cooperation between the regional and international mechanisms to achieve a shared goal of global peace, security and prosperity at the UN Security Council.

In a written statement for the Open Debate on cooperation between the UN and regional and sub-regional organizations, specifically the role of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), the UAE applauded the organization for its support of UN initiatives that address challenges in French-speaking countries.

“Regional organizations have a unique advantage and better understanding of peace and security challenges in their respective regions,” the UAE stated. “The geographical proximity and close historical and cultural ties among their members give regional organizations a distinct ability to play a constructive role in the pursuit of peaceful solutions to conflicts.”

The UAE reiterated that the Security Council should strengthen its cooperation with regional organizations on preventative diplomacy, in accordance with the Charter of the UN. The UAE stressed that swift action taken by regional organizations in response to early warning signs is not only the most effective way to addressing issues of peace and security, but also the most cost-effective.

The UAE encouraged continued progress in enhancing consultation and coordination between the UN and regional organizations on peacekeeping, and welcomed the recent collaboration between the UN’s Department of Peace Operation, Department of Operational Support, and the OIF to build the capacity of peacekeepers and to promote multilingualism in field operations. In this regard, the UAE stated it is offering training in several languages to its cadets in the Women, Peace and Security Training Programme, in collaboration with UN-Women.

Furthermore, the UAE stated that regional organizations need to strengthen efforts that highlight the positive work of young people in issues of peace and security, adding that the meaningful inclusion of youth in decision-making processes not only leads to a more peaceful and dynamic society, but provides alternatives to challenges created by cycles of extremism and violence. To that end, the UAE commended the OIF in supporting youth networks involved in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.   

The UAE became an associate member of the OIF in 2018 after joining the organization as an observer member in 2010.