NEW YORK – 8 April 2021 – In its briefing to the Group of Arab Member States (Arab Group) to the UN, the UAE stressed the importance of representing the Arab voice during its membership in the Security Council, as well as addressing the various issues relating to the Arab region on the Council’s agenda, in line with the Arab consensus.

During a virtual briefing by Minister of State His Excellency Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar to the Arab Group, he reviewed the UAE’s priorities on the Security Council for the term 2022-2023, focusing on how they will also contribute to achieving stability in the Arab region.

He reaffirmed that the UAE would continue to build on the tireless efforts of previous Arab Members that served on the Council. He also underscored that the UAE would seek to break deadlocks on political processes and amplify a firm Arab voice that does not compromise in defending its causes.

His Excellency addressed the myriad of challenges facing Arab countries, including severe humanitarian crises, rising extremism and terrorism, and the economic and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. He added: “We are all aware that finding permanent, comprehensive, and just political solutions to Arab crises is not an easy task and there are many challenges that impede reaching such solutions. However, we also realize that we can work together to incentivize the Security Council to stop contenting itself with managing crises in our region and instead seriously work towards finding real solutions to Arab crises.”

His Excellency also outlined the main pillars of the UAE’s “Stronger United” campaign, which are securing peace, advancing inclusion, building resilience, and spurring innovation. He emphasized that the UAE would work unceasingly to add new perspectives to the Council, including promoting innovative and practical solutions to advance progress on current issues.

Furthermore, Minister Al Marar said that he looked forward to receiving the support of the Arab Group at the election, as well as during the UAE’s membership on the Council. He reaffirmed that the UAE will continue to work with the Arab Group, consult its members, and keep them apprised of the latest developments in the Security Council.