As the President of the Security Council for the month of June 2023, the United Arab Emirates is mindful of the importance of the working methods of the Council for enhancing its effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency. The UAE also recognizes that innovation and technology can benefit the everyday work of the Security Council. The UAE is committed to and will encourage the full implementation of Presidential Note S/2017/507 and relevant subsequent Presidential Notes. In this regard, and in consideration of Presidential Note S/2021/647, we wish to highlight in particular the following priorities:

Consultative Approach

  • The Presidency is committed to a consultative approach and will engage with all Council members to resolve differences that may arise, to allow for the smooth functioning of the Council’s work.
  • The Presidency will seek the views of affected, concerned and/or interested Member States on issues on the agenda of the Security Council for June.
  • The Presidency will consult with international, regional and subregional organizations, where appropriate.
  • We will maintain communication with the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) and will include the PBC Chair in meetings, including by requesting its written advice, where appropriate.

Women, Peace and Security; Climate Change, Peace and Security; the Values of Human Fraternity; and Cooperation between the United Nations and Regional and Subregional Organizations

  • The Presidency will promote the thematic issues of Women, Peace and Security, Climate Change, Peace and Security, the Values of Human Fraternity in Promoting and Sustaining Peace, and Cooperation between the United Nations and Regional and Subregional Organizations in the Council’s work throughout the month, including by convening formal Council meetings and/or streamlining these thematic issues throughout the month.
  • The Presidency will bear in mind its commitments under the ‘Statement of Shared Commitments on Women, Peace and Security and Statement of Joint Pledges Related to Climate Peace and Security’ (Women, Peace and Security Commitments in the Security Council). The Presidency will ensure representation of women civil society briefers and will promote gender balance among briefers. The Presidency will also propose and support the participation of briefers with Climate Change, Peace and Security expertise in appropriate Security Council meetings.
  • The Presidency will promote the values of human fraternity, including by promoting principles of dialogue and mutual respect, and reflecting a diversity of religions, backgrounds and views.
  • The Presidency believes that the Council benefits from the contributions of civil society briefers and is committed to safe participation of civil society briefers in the Council’s work. The Presidency will implement a robust process aimed at preventing and mitigating threats and reprisals against civil society briefers, consistent with the OHCHR Good Practice Guidelines for UN Security Council Member States to Mitigate Intimidation and Reprisals, while also respecting the Council’s decision-making under rule 39 of its Provisional Rules of Procedure and the interests of transparency.
  • We will further encourage briefers to include gender-related aspects in their statements to the Council. Briefers will also be encouraged to highlight risks associated with the adverse effects of climate change on peace and security in all country-specific Council meetings.

Transparency and Accessibility

  • The Presidency will prepare an unofficial addendum to highlight additional Council activities not reflected on the Council’s monthly provisional programme of work. The UAE Mission website will maintain an updated unofficial interactive calendar for the month of June containing information on all formal and informal activities of the Council, at .
  • The Presidency commits to prioritizing multilingualism at all times.
  • The Presidency will ensure that sign language interpretation is provided during at least one Council meeting.
  • The Presidency will post an unofficial Arabic translation of the programme of work and an unofficial Arabic translation of Security Council press statements in June on our website.
  • The Presidency will hold a briefing to the wider UN membership after the adoption of the provisional programme of work as well as an informal interactive wrap-up at the end of June. The Presidency will also hold a separate briefing for the media.
  • The Presidency will circulate its Working Methods Commitments as an official document of the Security Council.

Promoting the effective and efficient functioning of the Council

  • The Presidency will aim for a balance between open and closed meeting formats to promote transparency while ensuring the use of formats best suited to facilitate specific discussions.
  • To make effective use of open meetings, members and non-members of the Council will be encouraged to limit statements to five minutes. The Presidency welcomes joint statements, where appropriate, to improve focus and interactivity, particularly in open debates.
  • The Presidency will promote efficiency and interactivity in informal consultations of the whole.
  • The Presidency will take a principled position to address unexpected issues that may arise in the course of the Council’s meetings. This includes in relation to unscheduled requests for minutes of silence, for which the Presidency will ensure coordination with members of the Security Council.