Informal Expert Group on Women, Peace and Security


The Security Council Informal Experts Group on Women, Peace and Security (IEG) was called for in Security Council resolution 2242 (2015), and since 2016 provides a space for regular consultations between Council experts and the United Nations on urgent concerns regarding women, peace, and security in country-specific situations. It aims at improving the flow of information and analysis to the Council on situations on its agenda, and sharpening the focus and specificity of Council deliberations, oversight, and actions, including by its subsidiary bodies.

2023 Co-Chairmanship

The UAE served as a 2023 co-chair with its Security Council colleague Switzerland. Together, they presided over the body to help inform the Council’s deliberations on the file.

1. January 2023- IEG on Afghanistan

2. February 2023- IEG on South Sudan

3. March 2023- IEG on Mali

4. May 2023- IEG on Syria

5. June 2023- IEG on Haiti

6. August 2023- IEG on Colombia