NEW YORK – 18 August 2021 – The UAE affirmed its commitment to develop new methods and tools in order to better utilize modern technologies for the maintenance of international peace and security, in collaboration with the UN system and its Member States.

At the UN Security Council open debate on a technology and peacekeeping chaired by Indian External Affairs Minister H.E Dr. S. Jaishankar, the UAE participated via written statement and underscored that innovation will be a priority during its membership on the UN Security Council in 2022-2023.

“As the world makes immense technological progress, we must ascertain how to best leverage these innovations to address the conflicts and challenges of our time,” the UAE said in its statement. “The UAE believes that new and emerging technologies can revolutionize peacekeeping and fortify international peace and security. It is imperative that the UN’s operations in the field have access to the technological tools critical to the success of their mandates.”

The UAE highlighted how technologies such as Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles can be used by peacekeepers for intelligence-gathering and monitoring. It also outlined how renewable energy can help mitigate security risks for peacekeeping as well as provide critical benefits like reduced operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced energy access. In addition to these benefits, the UAE stressed that technology must be used and developed in a gender-responsive approach to better protect women and girls.