NEW YORK – 8 September 2021 – In a written statement to the UN Security Council for its open debate examining the transition period when peacekeeping missions end, the UAE affirmed that it would work with UN Member States and the UN system to implement transitions that are inclusive and prevent the recurrence of conflict during its term on the Council.

The UAE highlighted the importance of employing clear, realistic, and tailored transition strategies for peacekeeping missions that are scaling back their operations. It emphasized that the transition period should prioritize the active participation of relevant stakeholders to build back resilient, stable, and inclusive societies.

“Transitioning from UN peacekeeping is important and necessary,” the UAE stated. “If not done properly, however, these transitions could result in fragile political, humanitarian, and security situations. Transition strategies should prioritize the protection of civilians, reinforce the capacity of host countries, and guarantee the active participation of women and youth.”

In its statement, the UAE underscored the importance of a holistic approach that engages local communities, including women and youth. The UAE recommended that the Security Council engage directly with host countries to better address their needs. Additionally, the UAE emphasized that peace operations should continue to work together with UN country teams to ensure that sustainable infrastructure is left behind for host communities and that critical work continues in the absence of peacekeeping forces.