Mr. President,

The serious developments in Ukraine undermine regional and international peace and security. Throughout this crisis, my country has consistently called for de-escalation and dialogue; we placed great hope in the various diplomatic initiatives and channels aimed at resolving the crisis. Those calls reflected our alarm at the consequences for civilians present in Ukraine, as well as for the region, and for the international community.   We emphasize the importance of ensuring that humanitarian assistance reaches those in need, and call on all parties to respect International Humanitarian Law, prioritize the protection of civilians, and allow for the unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance. 

We believe that every member state of the United Nations has the right to security, sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

Being from the Middle East, we are intimately aware of the critical importance of a stable regional security environment, and of de-escalation, diplomacy, and dialogue. Similarly, we understand from experience the need for inclusive and consultative processes. 

We support the draft resolution’s emphasis on the need to adhere to the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.  That must be the basis of the resumption of dialogue and of the path forward. 

The UAE restates its commitment to the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of all member states of the United Nations.  We urge for immediate de-escalation and the cessation of hostilities, and we once more underscore our readiness to work with the members of this Council towards that goal. 

The result of this vote today was a forgone conclusion, but the avenues for dialogue must remain open more urgently than ever before, and we must pursue them together. 

That is the clear sentiment that this Council is united on.

Thank you.