Delivered By: Ms. Shahad Matar, Spokesperson

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Madam President,

The UAE appreciates the convening of this meeting under the mechanism established by Resolution 76/262 aiming to enhance the transparency of the work of the Security Council, which acts on behalf of all members of the United Nations.

Madam President,

The UAE welcomes the adoption of Security Council Resolution 2642 as it represents a delicate compromise among the Council’s membership. The UAE participated constructively in the negotiations of this meticulously drafted resolution, which reflects the Council’s commitment to responding to the dire humanitarian needs in Syria and ensures that relief assistance reaches all those in need across the country by all means.

Although we had hoped that the cross-border aid mechanism in Syria would be extended for 12 months, we believe this resolution contains critical additions that provide the framework to address the humanitarian situation in Syria in a longer term manner and at a larger scale. For example, this resolution urges to step up early recovery projects, including providing electricity to the Syrian people. Electricity is a fundamental humanitarian need and without it essential services, particularly hospitals and schools, cannot function and millions of Syrians will not be able to receive water.

In this context, the UAE urges focusing on the humanitarian imperative of this file without any politicization. When the cross-border mechanism is discussed next January, the needs of the Syrian people must be taken into consideration above all other matters.

In conclusion, the UAE calls to continue prioritizing the Syrian file in all its aspects on the long term to achieve stability, prosperity, and peace for the Syrian people and to end the humanitarian crisis.

Thank you, Madam President.