Mr. President,

The UAE aligns itself with the statement delivered by Pakistan on behalf the G77 and China and Morocco on behalf of the Arab group.

I would like to add few brief remarks in my national capacity, specifically on digital cooperation and the new agenda for peace.

First, on digital cooperation. The UAE shares the concerns voiced by the Secretary-General that the multilateral system has failed to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation. That has led to the emergence of a world where the benefits of technology are shared unequally and states lack the cooperative mechanisms to address common risks. We also agree that there is an increasing need to identify new means of cooperation between governments, businesses, civil society, and academic communities to harness the potential of digital technologies while minimizing their harm. In order to move multilateral deliberations forward in this sphere, the UAE has been playing an active role beginning with our participation in the SG’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation and then in the path leading to the SG’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. Building on these engagements, the UAE was pleased to join the cross-regional statement delivered by Switzerland on the Global Digital Compact.

Second, on the proposal of a “new agenda for peace”: this is a complex and comprehensive proposal that we will need to examine carefully. But it’s important to highlight the need to move away from a framework of conflict management to one of conflict resolution.

The nature of risks to peace and security has evolved, and so must our responses. We have to be proactive to prevent, pre-empt, and manage emerging risks. What we need is a change of paradigm and the proposals outlined by the Secretary-General offer a solid basis for member state consideration.  

In fact, many of the guiding principles underlying the proposals of the ‘new agenda for peace’ align closely with the core themes and objectives of the UAE’s current elected membership in the Security Council. These include the need to embrace the advantages offered by advanced technologies and innovation in order to reduce strategic risks. They also include addressing the security impacts of unconventional threats like climate change or pandemics. And the need to approach peace processes in an inclusive way, with regional actors as well as women and youth at their core.

The UAE looks forward to remaining engaged as we continue our deliberations on these issues. 

Thank you