Delivered by: Shahad Matar, Spokesperson and Acting Political Coordinator


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Mr. President,

At the outset, I thank you for convening this meeting on the item related to the use of the veto by a Permanent Member of the Security Council.  

This is the second meeting in four days under this agenda item which highlights the increased frequency of the use of the veto recently.

Therefore, as we have previously mentioned, this meeting is an important opportunity for Member States to continue examining cases that required using the veto bearing in mind that use of the veto should not contradict the primary responsibility of the Council to maintain international peace and security.

These discussions are a tool for transparency and help to keep the Security Council informed of the views of the wider UN membership, on whose behalf it acts when carrying out its mandate.

Mr. President,

The DPRK’s continued escalations are an unambiguous threat to international peace and security. The international community in general, and the Security Council in particular, must take firm action on this critical issue. We urge Council members to engage in constructive dialogue on this consequential file and to find a consensual way forward, paying due regard to the legitimate concerns of all members and the will of the international community towards maintaining collective security.

This issue is of urgent importance as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea continues to develop and test nuclear weapons and intercontinental capabilities at a very alarming pace.

Therefore, we urge the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to stop its illegal, dangerous and provocative activities, and comply with Security Council resolutions and international law.

We call on the DPRK to enact a complete, verifiable, and irreversible path to denuclearization, including a return to the Non-Proliferation Treaty without delay, to ensure peace in the Korean Peninsula.

We would like to emphasize here the importance of dialogue and diplomacy between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and regional and international partners.

Finally, in light of the dire humanitarian conditions in the country, we strongly urge the DPRK to return to dialogue with the United Nations, and enable humanitarian organizations to return to the country, as soon as possible.

Thank you.