As delivered by H.E. Lana Nusseibeh

Thank you, Mr. President,

This Emergency Special Session comes as the conflict in Ukraine has reached a dangerous inflection point. The international community is alarmed by developments on the ground, and this is the clear message of today’s resounding vote.

The humanitarian situation is worsening by the day. We have seen reports of rapidly growing civilian casualties and massive displacement, the extent of which Europe has not experienced in decades. The UAE is deeply concerned by these developments. Our collective responsibility must, however, be towards exhausting all efforts and using all diplomatic channels to prevent a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation. We remain firm in that belief, more than ever before.

Yesterday, the UAE pledged 5 million USD in response to the UN’s Humanitarian Flash Appeal. We know that in the days, weeks, and months ahead more must be done.

The credibility of this organization, born out of the ashes of World War Two, rests on its universal representation, and its effectiveness in applying the principles that we all uphold. However, as this conflict has revealed, the clear and full voice of the United Nations has only grown harder to summon because it is not equally applied. Despite deepening divisions, now is the time to take a step back, identify diplomatic off-ramps and engage constructively to end this conflict. It is also a time to summon our reserves of wisdom and experience to guide the way forward.

Global solidarity means doing more than focusing on conflicts in some parts of the world while ignoring others. We need to shift our mindset from conflict management to conflict resolution – our collective security depends on it. Let this crisis be the wake-up call – the future of this organization may rest on that.

We all need to galvanize UN efforts to promote dialogue, work towards an end to the hostilities, and address the humanitarian situation for those most desperately in need.

The UAE recognizes the need to meet this moment with renewed diplomacy and leadership, and put the needs of the people on the ground at the center of our efforts. The avenues for dialogue must, however, remain open more urgently than ever before, and we must pursue them together. 

Mr. President,

Right now, we recognize that this resolution adopted here today is a necessary signal of where we need to be going. Resigning ourselves to a cycle of perpetual violence and sanctions that only adds to the suffering of civilians diminishes us all. We voted for this resolution, and we join with Member States in making this appeal to peace. A just peace, that endures by recognizing the legitimate concerns of all parties and also abides by the UN Charter’s principles of independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. This resolution, however, as others have said, is not enough for a sustainable peace. Resolution of this conflict requires dialogue and effective diplomacy.

This text represents the determination of Member States to respond to the conflict today in Ukraine. That is the call that rings clearly from this meeting. We must now turn to finding ways to bring about its peaceful resolution with full respect for, and commitment to, real and engaged diplomacy.

Thank you.