Delivered by: His Excellency Mohamed Abushahab, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative

Mr. President,

At the outset, I wish to congratulate you on China’s assumption of the Presidency of the Security Council this month. The United Arab Emirates wishes China another successful term in leading our work and you can count on my delegation’s support in this regard. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to our colleagues and the delegation in Brazil, and congratulate them for their commendable efforts and professionalism during their successful presidency of the Council in the very challenging month of October.

I would like to welcome the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and the European Union in today’s meeting.

Mr. President,

The progress made in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the last several years is encouraging and hopeful, both to the citizens who deserve peace and to the international community who have helped support those who seek it.

Despite the tangible gains made, tensions have continued to increase throughout this year. Against this backdrop, we need to protect the hard-earned gains in Bosnia and Herzegovina to achieve a sustainable future for its people.

The UAE would like to highlight the following key points:

First, we welcome the unanimous renewal of the mandate of EUFOR-Althea. This reflects the confidence the Security Council has in the European Union Force and the important role it plays in promoting stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This unity of faith of the Council is important at what is a delicate moment to ensure the continued security and safety of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in coordination with its government.

Second, the UAE recognizes that choosing peace, which requires courage, vision, and sometimes difficult choices, is not easy, but it must be done. The current political trajectory in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of concern, and if left unaddressed, tensions could undermine the country’s determination to achieve stability and prosperity for all. We encourage good faith political dialogue to overcome all outstanding issues and to progress beyond the divisions we see today.

Third, concrete efforts to ensure economic development are needed. To build a stable social and political landscape for future generations, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s youth have a key role to play. In conjunction with the international community, they can contribute towards developing industries and infrastructure that facilitate economic opportunities and help ensure they hope in the future of their country.

Fourth, the UAE continues to stress the importance of addressing hate speech. It is a direct threat to the peace which has endured since the signing of the Dayton Agreement. The promotion of peaceful coexistence and tolerance are essential pillars for building peaceful and cohesive societies, especially for diverse ones such as in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pushing back against hate speech takes concerted efforts and a whole of society approach.

Political, religious, and community leaders, as well as the media, need to be proactive in addressing hate speech wherever it manifests. We urge continued efforts to mitigate the impacts of harmful rhetoric.

Mr. President,

The UAE reaffirms its support for the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in line with international law and the Dayton Agreement. We also underline the crucial roles played by the High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina and EUFOR-Althea, and we stress the importance of fully respecting the national institutions in the country. Maintaining stability and advancing the reconciliation process is essential to ensure the achievement of a sustainable peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thank you, Mr. President.