Delivered by H.E. Mohamed Abushahab, Chargé d’Affaires

Mr. President,

At the outset, we thank SRSG Carlos Massieu and Mr. Francisco José de Roux for their valuable briefings and work in Colombia. We also thank Ms. Piamba for her valuable insights and we welcome the participation of Her Excellency Ms. Marta Lucía Ramírez, Vice President and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Colombia, in this meeting.

The UAE would like to focus on three main points today: the political situation, transitional justice, and the security situation.

First, we congratulate Colombia on the successful presidential elections in June — Colombia is starting a new chapter in its history, and the UAE supports its path toward peace and stability. We thank the current administration for its efforts in implementing the Agreement and wish the incoming administration success in building on these going foward. At this critical stage, it is important to prioritise the full and comprehensive implementation of the Peace Agreement, particularly the provisions on gender and protecting the most vulnerable. The Special Forum on Gender and the formation of the Peace and Victims’ Caucus can support and strengthen the implementation of the Agreement’s provisions. 

Second, on transitional justice – we support the survivor-centered approach to reconciliation and the progress made by the Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparations and Non-Repetition, including the Truth Commission’s recent publication of its final report. While this publication is an opportunity for the Colombian people to reflect on their past, its recommendations point the way to a future of hope for the generations to come. In this context, we support the Commission’s efforts to establish a Committee to monitor the implementation of its recommendations. Along with the other components of the Comprehensive System, these mechanisms will contribute to strengthening accountability. Moreover, the Commission’s efforts to include young women and young men in these processes is critical and reinforces the fundamental role of youth in peace efforts.

Third, we remain concerned about the security situation and the continued attacks against civilians, former combatants, and security forces. Swift and decisive steps must be taken to address the violence and ensure that it does not undermine the implementation of the Peace Agreement. Any efforts for dialogue will only make sustainable progress if they are complemented by other elements of the Agreement, including to fully implement security guarantees and disarm, demobilise and reintegrate armed groups, particularly the children affected by the conflict. These efforts must also be gender-responsive, not least because of the disproportionate impact this violence has on women and girls. We encourage the increased deployment of women officers and the provision of training to address particular challenges that women face, including sexual and gender-based violence.

In conclusion, the UAE reaffirms its commitment to supporting Colombia in its journey to achieve sustainable peace and stability. We also reaffirm our full support for the UN Verification Mission in Colombia and its efforts.

I thank you, Mr. President.