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I thank the Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs Ms. Rosemary DiCarlo, for her valuable briefing.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea continues to demonstrate its disregard for international law by resuming missile tests since last September. DPRK has launched 13 ballistic missiles since the beginning of this year alone, including the recent test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Accordingly, the UAE condemns in the strongest terms these missile tests, which constitute a flagrant violation of international law and the relevant Security Council resolutions. We also support the statement issued by the UN Secretary-General yesterday regarding the recent escalation by DPRK.

While we express our deep concern over the continued escalation by DPRK, in the absence of deterrent measures by the Security Council for those violations, we stress the importance of the Council’s unity in responding to this dangerous escalation, which, we repeat, undermines regional security on the Korean peninsula and affects international security and stability.

At this critical juncture, my country reiterates the importance of pursuing peaceful solutions and giving priority to dialogue and diplomatic endeavors to avoid further escalation. In this regard, we commend the diplomatic efforts to resume dialogue, and we strongly urge the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to respond positively to these endeavors and return to the negotiating table without preconditions. We also emphasize the importance that in this critical situation, the key parties must find a common formula to define an acceptable framework for moving forward.

While the decision makers in DPRK continue to devote the limited resources of their country towards developing nuclear and missile capabilities, the people in DPRK continue to suffer from the difficult humanitarian situation caused largely by their country’s policies. We therefore urge DPRK to alleviate the growing human suffering of its people by providing basic needs and necessities, and by cooperating with the United Nations to allow UN humanitarian workers to return to DPRK and carry out their humanitarian work.

In conclusion, my country reiterates that compliance and full implementation of Security Council resolutions by all member states remains an essential pillar for maintaining international peace and security. For its part, the UAE affirms its continued cooperation with members of the Security Council to address regional and international proliferation threats. The UAE also understands the concerns related to the development and supply of ballistic missiles and their role in undermining regional security. The Council need to find ways to address these concerns.

Thank you.