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Mr. President,

Mr. President, I would like to thank the Special Representative of the Secretary-General Helen Lime for her valuable briefing.

The past months have been trying times for Haiti. Recently hit by natural disasters, violence continues to rise across the country and political differences remains, in turn exacerbating the humanitarian, security, and political situation. The UAE expresses its total rejection of all acts of armed gang violence as they undermine efforts for peace. Serious measures across all levels are required to restore peace and stability, including by strengthening and respecting the rule of law.

Mr. President,

The UAE would like to highlight three potential focus areas to support Haiti’s path toward stability and prosperity:

First, inclusion is fundamental to success. It is critical to broaden political representation and inclusivity of all segments of Haitian society. We call on all stakeholders to remain committed to constructive dialogue and efforts to achieve national unity. In order for these efforts to be sustainable, they must also include the full, equal, and meaningful participation of Haitian women. Programs focusing on women’s participation and protection from violence, such as those highlighted in the Secretary-General’s report, can provide the necessary support to ensure women’s political participation and protection.

Second, it is necessary to build the capacity of national and local institutions to strengthen their role in addressing the ongoing challenges, particularly in light of increased instability. We also stress the importance of continuing to strengthen the security sector during the transitional process, in addition to addressing increased violence stemming from the activity of armed gangs, and combating corruption. However, the security approach must be complemented by clear will aimed at ensuring the security and judicial sectors are sustainably transformed.

Finally, a reduction of community violence requires durable solutions, including through development and humanitarian efforts. In this regard, recovery and reconstruction programs, such as community-led development initiatives, must continue to support sustainable efforts in Haiti. Community violence is amplified by the lack of opportunities, limiting the ability to improve livelihoods and the success of humanitarian response efforts. In that light, we believe that the recent International Conference on Financing and Rebuilding the Southern Peninsula of Haiti reflects the international interest in supporting development efforts in Haiti, and we look forward to the continuation of this support and its role in achieving stability in the country.

In conclusion, we look forward to the Secretary-General’s strategic assessment of BINUH’s mandate and we welcome the appointment of Mr. Murad Wahba and support his efforts, however, we reiterate our support for a coherent Haiti-led, Haiti-owned response to the situation in Haiti as a key solution for the nation’s security and prosperity. The UAE continues to stand in solidarity with the Haitian people and reaffirms its support for the work of the United Nations in its efforts to help achieve peace and stability.

Thank you.