Delivered by: Mohammed AlOlama, First Secretary


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Mr. President,

At the outset, I welcome the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Karim Khan, and I would like to thank him for his briefing today. I also welcome the participation of the Permanent Representative of Libya, Ambassador Taher El-Sonni, in our meeting today.

Mr. President,

The Libyan people continue to suffer from the massive devastation caused by the floods last September. The international community must consider how we can best help the Libyan people recover and how we can build on the solidarity and unity they have shown to regain momentum in the political process and achieve a peaceful settlement that is Libyan-led and Libyan-owned, in which accountability and transitional justice are key elements.

In this regard, we emphasize that it is the primary responsibility of sovereign States to prevent and address crimes committed in their territory and jurisdictions, including atrocity crimes. A strong national accountability system is the best way to ensure the rule of law, fight impunity, and provide for victims.

We are encouraged in this regard by the Office of the Prosecutor’s increased engagement with national authorities, pursuant to the ICC’s fundamental principle of complementarity, and we stress the importance of continuing and deepening that cooperation with the relevant national authorities in Libya through engagement and dialogue.

Investigating the crimes committed against migrants is one of the urgent and important priorities of the ICC. These important investigations must be carried out through active cooperation with the national Libyan authorities, and with strong support for their national efforts. Close and intensified international cooperation is also necessary to dismantle the transnational organised criminal networks that prey upon migrants and displaced persons, including in countries of origin, destination, and transit.

In conclusion, we affirm the UAE’s support for the efforts made by the United Nations in support of Libya, and we hope that concerted efforts are made to realize the legitimate aspirations of the people of Libya and restore security and stability in the Middle East and North Africa.

We stress here that achieving peace in the region will not be possible without stopping the bloody war on the Gaza Strip, where women and children are bearing the brunt of its impact. This war threatens to expand across the wider region, which has been witnessing escalating tensions.

Thank you.