Delivered by: Ameirah AlHefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative and Acting Chargé d’Affaires


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Madam President,

First, I thank the Special Coordinator, Mr. Tor Wennesland, for his valuable briefing.

Madam President,

The deteriorating conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the developments in the last few days, are an inevitable result of the lack of hope for a political solution between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This situation is also the result of the continued confrontations, incursions, and acts of violence, which have become a bitter daily reality for Palestinians. Concerns are mounting over the potential repercussions of this current state of escalation – not only for the security and stability of both sides, but for the region as a whole.

Therefore, the UAE believes that the time has come for the international community to prioritize the Palestinian question. Efforts must be intensified to rebuild confidence between the parties and to resume sincere and effective negotiations, based on the agreed-upon international references, with the two-state solution at the forefront. We affirm that a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace cannot be achieved while the ongoing incitement to violence and hate speech persists. Rather, it requires promoting the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence – principles we have repeatedly called for, especially in this room – with the aim of transforming the narrative of enmity and creating a secure and stable future that fulfills the aspirations of both current and future generations.

We also call for the cessation of all illegal and repressive practices against the Palestinians and their towns and villages, especially the escalating attacks in the occupied West Bank. These include incursions, forced displacement, and demolition of residential facilities. These actions only exacerbate the situation and undermine peace efforts.

As students return to school, we affirm the right of Palestinian children to obtain education in a safe manner. This requires ending the intimidation and violence that they are subjected to by the Israeli authorities and settlers – both at school and while traveling to and from school.

We also stress the need to stop the unjust demolitions of schools, exemplified by demolitions that took place last week in the Ein Samia area in the West Bank, which occurred just a few days before the start of the school year. Furthermore, we also emphasize the importance of rescinding the demolition notices sent to dozens of these schools. As we all believe, education plays a fundamental role in building stable and prosperous societies, especially those affected by conflict.

As for settler violence, it is clear that their attacks have reached unprecedented levels and adopted dangerous patterns, as we witnessed this year in Nablus, Ramallah, and the surrounding villages, where the killing of Palestinians and violence against them took place. These events damaged Palestinian property, all while the settlers enjoyed impunity, encouraging them to continue committing these reprehensible and unacceptable crimes. The continuation of these attacks might lead to more serious clashes and chaos that cannot be easily controlled. Therefore, it is necessary for Israel to take real steps to stop settler violence and deter these attacks. 

We reaffirm the need to preserve the legal and historical status quo in Jerusalem, to end the repeated incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque and to provide it with full protection, while respecting the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s custodianship of the holy sites and endowments of the city.

In this context, we express our concern over the continued attempts to bring about demographic change in the city of Jerusalem. Israel continues to build illegal settlements in East Jerusalem, while the Palestinians endure ongoing displacement attempts and are subject to laws that must be stopped.

In conclusion, the UAE reiterates its unwavering commitment to supporting the Palestinian people. This includes addressing their humanitarian needs and alleviating the difficult living conditions faced by refugees. We also continue to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, based on the borders of 4 June 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, living side by side with Israel, in peace, security, and mutual recognition.

Thank you, Madam President.