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Madam President,

I thank the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Mr. James Swan, and the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia and the Chair of AMISOM, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, and the Head of the European Union Delegation to the United Nations, Mr. Olof Skoog. for their comprehensive briefings.

At the outset of the statement, I would like to emphasize my country’s commitment to work and cooperate with the United Nations and the international community to take joint measures to promote peace, prosperity, and stability in Somalia. We commend here the tireless efforts of AMISOM, UNSOS, and UNSOM to provide the necessary support to Somalia. 

Madam President,

Today’s meeting comes at a time when Somalia is suffering from difficult humanitarian, security, and environmental conditions that require comprehensive international efforts aimed at addressing all challenges. Accordingly, the UAE would like to highlight the following four points:

First, the focus should be on supporting the political track as a basis for achieving sustainable peace in Somalia, and accordingly, we encourage all parties to engage in positive dialogue, giving priority to holding inclusive elections that meet the hopes and aspirations of the Somali people. We refer here to the positive developments that occurred in the political process by holding elections for all Senate seats, and the National Consultative Council reaching a consensus on electoral procedures, and their decision to expedite the holding of the People’s Assembly elections by the 25th of February.

We hope here that the ratio of women’s participation in political life and electoral processes in Somalia would be increased to achieve the desired quota of thirty percent, as stated in the electoral agreement. We also stress the importance of ensuring the safety and protection of women candidates for political office.

Second, we refer to the Secretary-General call, in his report, on the importance of providing assistance to Somalia to address the security threats that prevent the building of a sustainable peace, particularly the Al-Shabaab terrorist movement, which continues to launch attacks and seeks to weaken the influence of the security forces by controlling large parts of the lands in central and southern Somalia. In the context of the recent progress made in the talks between stakeholders on the reconfiguration of AMISOM, we stress that this process is carried out accurately, especially with regard to ensuring the transfer of security responsibilities to the Somali security forces through calculated steps that prevent leaving a vacuum for Al-Shabaab to consolidate its control or expand its scope.

Third, the humanitarian situation in Somalia continues to deteriorate due to the high frequency of violence and natural disasters, which has led to an increase in internal displacement, and deprived about three million Somalis of access to many basic services. We stress here the importance of the full, safe, and unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid while providing protection for humanitarian workers.

Fourth, in the context of Somalia facing a natural disaster emergency, we urge the United Nations, AMISOM, and its partners to work to support Somalia in addressing the impacts of climate change, all of which have led to increased food insecurity. It is possible to work on expanding the use of renewable energy in peace processes, which my country sees as an important step in reducing the impacts of climate change, not to mention its low cost and benefits to local communities.

Madam President,

In terms of positive developments, my country commends the efforts on the effectiveness of the measures being taken to combat piracy. Such steps are evidence of what can be achieved through strengthening partnerships and multilateral action in facing regional and international challenges and issues, and promoting international peace and security.

Finally, my country calls on the international community to reaffirm its commitment to the Somali people, to achieve security, stability, and prosperity.

Thank you.