Ms. Maisoon AlDah, First Secretary

Mr. President,

I thank Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu for her briefing today.

I would also like to reiterate the UAE’s firm condemnation and rejection of the use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances. Their use constitutes a flagrant violation of the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention and international law.

In our discussion today, I would like to highlight the following points:

First, making tangible progress in this file requires engaging in a constructive dialogue between the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Syria. We emphasize the importance of abiding by the technical principles upon which the OPCW was established, including consensus and non-politicization. In this context, we hope that both sides will hold consultations as soon as possible as we cannot see any reason that should prevent this. Furthermore, we had hoped that the OPCW’s report would include additional details on the visit of the reduced team to Damascus as well as any outcomes from the visit. We look forward to seeing this reflected in the upcoming report, expected to be issued at the end of this month.

Second, it is critical to consider the threat of chemical terrorism, specifically considering the acquisition or use of these weapons by terrorist groups, including Da’esh. It is unfortunate that the threats posed by Da’esh to the security and stability of Syria are still present and grave, as exhibited by the group’s recent terrorist attack on the eastern countryside of Homs, which resulted in the death of 53 people.

In conclusion, Mr. President, the UAE stresses the importance of making progress in the chemical weapons file in Syria as well as in all files related to resolving the Syrian crisis.

Thank you.