Delivered By: Ambassador Mohamed Abushahab, Deputy Permanent Representative

Mr. President,

The irrational hatred of any group is an exercise in closing the mind. It strips away empathy at a time when understanding is most needed.

I want to make three points in this regard.

First, the UAE has consistently taken a strong stance against intolerance in all its forms.

Today is no exception.

In a country where more than 200 nationalities co-exist, we understand the importance of promoting tolerance for the benefit of all. No person should face discrimination or prejudice based upon their nationality, race, or religion.

This month, in Abu Dhabi, we inaugurated the Abrahamic Family House, an interfaith complex housing a mosque, a church, the UAE’s first ever purpose-built synagogue, and an educational facility. It is a physical expression of peaceful co-existence and a statement of the high regard in which we hold interfaith harmony.

Actions guided by the irrational fear and hatred of any group are at odds with the creation of cohesive, prosperous societies.

And so we believe it is important to address intolerance and hate speech, whenever and wherever they manifest.

Second, we all have a collective responsibility to ensure that respect for others becomes the global norm.

As has been repeated, we continue to see a rise in the incitement of hate speech globally.

Too many times has this Council seen intolerance in areas of conflict taken to the extreme, and played out in lives lost, communities destroyed, and histories erased.

When the guns are eventually silenced, intolerance and bigotry can hamper post-conflict reconciliation and sustainable peace.

To this end, we believe that this Council must redouble its efforts to address the proliferation of hate speech and intolerance, including through modern technology.

In conflict zones, the malicious use of technology to spread hate speech, misinformation, and disinformation poses a particularly difficult challenge.

Third, today’s topic is a reminder that this Council must prioritise conflict resolution, and ultimately, a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine.

Arriving at a just and lasting peace must be our objective.

We welcome the efforts of all parties towards the extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative. Beyond the positive impact that the Initiative has had on global food security, its very existence shows the promise of constructive dialogue even in the midst of conflict.

Mr. President,

A worldview that supports xenophobia serves no one. At times of conflict, it perpetuates the cycle of violence, demonizing entire cultures, inciting against civilians, and penalizing individuals. We must remain vigilant against all of its manifestations in the interest of building and sustaining peace.

I thank you, Mr. President.