Delivered by Mrs. Ameirah Alhefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative

Madam President,

At the outset, I would like to thank the Special Representative, Mr. Perthes, for the latest updates, including the efforts of the Trilateral Mechanism in light of the common understandings reached on the draft constitutional document, which led to the signing of the “Political Framework Agreement” earlier this week. We look forward to adopting a press statement by the Council on the matter. I also welcome the participation of Ambassador Al-Harith Muhammad in our meeting today.

In the context of our discussion today, I would like to focus on three important points:

First, the UAE welcomes the signing of the “Political Framework Agreement” which received regional and international acclaim. We hope the agreement opens a new page, where the Sudanese people continue their path towards security and prosperity. The upcoming phase requires building on the current momentum to ensure reaching a sustainable political agreement through redoubling efforts to bridge differences between the actors and addressing outstanding issues, especially since time is of the essence. Here, we stress the importance of the continued inclusion of women in consultations to ensure addressing their needs and priorities in the transitional period and beyond. We further stress the importance of opting for the language of dialogue and wisdom, for it is in the best interest of the Sudanese people.

Second, we stress that the success of the transitional period in Sudan requires the resumption of programs by international financial institutions and for international partners to continue their support for Sudan’s economy in order to avoid its collapse at this critical stage, especially in light of hyperinflation, high levels of unemployment, and accumulation of external debt. Such support is increasingly needed as the deteriorating humanitarian situation worsens, with societies still experiencing difficulty accessing basic commodities and serious damage caused by the recent severe floods in some areas.

Third, the UAE has followed with concern the recent tribal clashes in West Kordofan and Blue Nile states, to which Sudan sought to respond to by taking several measures to calm the situation, including through the work of the fact-finding committee. We affirm here that containing such tensions and preventing their recurrence requires continuing and building upon Sudan’s local efforts. Similarly, with regard to the situation in Darfur, local reconciliation agreements proved valuable in continuing to support stability, as well as the valuable contributions of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee, which has had a significant impact in making progress in implementing the transitional security arrangements for Darfur in accordance with the Juba Peace Agreement. In this context, we stress the need for the international community to provide the necessary support for Sudan to complete the implementation of all provisions of the Juba Peace Agreement.

In conclusion, we express our sincere wishes for the success of Sudan as it completes the transitional period, meeting the aspirations of its people for stability and prosperity. In turn, we will continue to follow the work of the Trilateral Mechanism and its engagement with the Sudanese actors during this important period.

Thank you, Madam President.