Delivered by Mrs. Ameirah Alhefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative


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Madam President,

The UAE welcomes the adoption of the Security Council resolution on Myanmar today. We thank the United Kingdom, the penholder, for its efforts in facilitating this resolution. We also thank the members of the Council for their flexibility during the negotiations.

The UAE believes that this resolution sends an important message about the need to address the challenges facing Rohingyas, the crisis in Rakhine State, and the risks it poses to the region, at a time during which international attention to the Rohingya crisis has declined. While the language included in this resolution is critical, it is insufficient. We had hoped that the resolution would include stronger language that would respond to the magnitude of the challenges on the ground.

Therefore, we call to intensify diplomatic efforts at the international level to resolve the Rohingya crisis, address their deteriorating humanitarian situation, and create appropriate conditions for the voluntary, safe, sustainable, and dignified return of the Rohingya refugees and internally displaced persons to a stable country. For its part, the UAE will continue its humanitarian efforts to provide basic assistance to Rohingya refugees, especially women and children, to alleviate their suffering, including by our continued support for the efforts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to address this crisis.

Madam President,

We welcome the Council’s response in this resolution to ASEAN’s request to support the Five Point Consensus, which represents the most effective path to end the crisis in Myanmar, and the Council’s call to implement it. We emphasize the central role of regional efforts to achieve this goal, and we call upon the international community to support these efforts to achieve stability and security in the region.

In conclusion, the UAE affirms that it will continue supporting the efforts of the UN envoys and the ASEAN to achieve stability in Myanmar.

Thank you, Madam President.