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Mr. President,

I thank the Special Representative Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily and Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane for their informative briefings, and we welcome Ambassador Taher Al-Sunni in today’s session.

Since our last meeting, we have witnessed some positive and encouraging steps taken by Libyan parties in conjunction with intensive engagement by Mr. Bathily. Our council has also spoken in one voice in support of Libya and the UN efforts, as reflected in its last presidential statement.

Considering these positive developments, we welcome the progress achieved on the constitutional path regarding elections and the thirteenth Constitutional Declaration amendment. We hope that the 6+6 Joint Committee meetings in Tripoli will produce tangible results that contribute to laying the legal foundation for the elections process. We also call on the parties to set a clear timeframe that fulfils the expectations of Libyans. In this context, we commend the role of the Arab Republic of Egypt in bringing the parties’ views closer.

We reiterate the importance of prioritizing reconciliation and dialogue between Libyan parties from all regions and call on Mr. Bathily to continue his efforts and good offices to achieve this goal, including through his recent initiative, to push for an inclusive political process led and owned by Libyans. We also affirm our support for the efforts of the Libyan Presidential Council aimed to achieve real national reconciliation, as the main pathway to achieve a comprehensive and just political settlement that ends all transitional stages. We stress the importance of ensuring full, meaningful and equal participation of women in these efforts.

Establishing security remains a prerequisite to achieve political stability and create a safe environment for holding simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections that are free, fair, transparent, and inclusive. This requires simultaneous, phased, gradual, and balanced withdrawal of all foreign forces, foreign fighters, and mercenaries from Libya. We commend the efforts made by UNSMIL in facilitating and holding the recent meetings of the Joint Military Commission “5 + 5” in Tripoli and Benghazi, in addition to the last meeting between the Chiefs of Staff. All these are important steps forward. We also thank the members of this commission for their devoted spirit, which demonstrated a true Libyan will towards unifying military and security institutions, including through creating a joint military force, while continuing at the same time disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration efforts.

The international community must continue its full support for these Libyan efforts to strengthen tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Libyans, in turn, must reject and address hate speech and extremist voices seeking to undermine reconciliation efforts and recent convergence between the Libyan parties. The interest of the Libyan people and the country’s stability must remain above all considerations.

Mr. President,

It is important to safeguard the gains achieved by Libyans in their fight against terrorism, including through preventing this Council’s measures from obstructing the efforts made by the Libyan forces to address security threats, especially in southern Libya. This requires the Council to give serious consideration to the sanctions regime imposed on Libya, to ensure that it fits the current reality and supports national efforts, rather than becoming a disrupting tool.

To achieve stability in Libya and the surrounding region, the international community must support the Libyan efforts aimed to address irregular migration and its root causes. The international community must also expand its support to include countries of origin and transit, as well as those responsible for securing Libya’s southern borders.

In conclusion, the UAE reaffirms its support for the efforts made by the Special Representatives and UNSMIL towards building peace and achieving stability in Libya.

Thank you, Mr. President.