Delivered by Ms. Nasra AlRahma, First Secretary

Mr. Chair,

I would first like to thank Ghana for hosting this timely discussion on strengthening regional arrangements for our collective security. I also thank today’s briefers for their insightful remarks.

The challenges and evolving threats we face today know no national borders. Terrorism and extremism, organized crime, the climate crisis and the implications of the food security crisis all call for regional solutions and international support. In this context, I would like to address three key elements in today’s meeting.

First, the United Nations and the African Union share a common interest in achieving peace and security in Africa. In this regard, their coordinated efforts, including through the Joint UN-AU Framework for Enhanced Partnership in Peace and Security, must be further strengthened in key areas such as peacekeeping, peacebuilding, conflict prevention and strengthening mediation efforts. Therefore, as we discuss ways to support African-led efforts, the UAE looks forward to consensus around UN-assessed contributions for AU peace operations authorized by the UN Security Council.

Second, the UAE recognizes the urgent need to tackle the evolving threat of terrorism. We have emphasized that the combination of global cooperation and stronger regional capabilities is essential for an effective response to and prevention of terrorist threats and related criminal activities. In this context, we continue to work closely with international and regional partners, especially in Middle East and in Africa to support initiatives such as “The Global Coalition against Da’esh”, whose efforts include close coordination with members from the African continent to . The UAE also supports regional counter-terrorism initiatives in the Sahel and North Africa. We continue to stress the importance of fostering synergies between existing international and regional counter-terrorism efforts and initiatives on the African continent.

Finally, the UAE believes that today’s global challenges, which are interconnected, complex, and fundamentally cross-regional, require a collective solution. The international community must work to build more bridges and strengthen coordination among ourselves and with regional partners. We stress the UN’s important role in engaging with regional organizations like the League of Arab States, the African Union, the European Union, as well as with sub-regional organizations and providing guidance, political backstopping, and logistical support to ensure meeting critical endeavors.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.