Delivered by Mrs. Ameira AlHefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative


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Mr. President,

We sincerely thank France, as the penholder, for its efforts in facilitating the consultation process and Council members for their engagement. We also thank the Foreign Minister of Central African Republic, Her Excellency Madame Sylvie Baipo-Temon, for her statement.

The UAE approached the negotiations around this resolution in a spirit of collaboration and constructiveness. We have carefully considered all of the views by Council members, regional voices, and the requests made by the Central African Republic on the sanctions regime. Through this process we have seen an evolution of the resolution on key aspects, including the arms embargo.

In this context, supporting the Central African Republic on its path to peace and stability is of the utmost importance for this Council, particularly given the ongoing challenges the country still faces. It is therefore especially vital to find ways to support the Central African Republic’s commitment to reforms, including security sector reforms, as they build on positive developments in the context of the process of the implementation of the Peace Agreement through the Luanda Roadmap.

Mr. President,

The UAE also understands that this is first and foremost an African matter, and the Council should have found a path to effectively incorporate African views. Mindful of the complexity and importance of the issues at hand, the UAE has voted in favor of this resolution.

I want to reiterate that the UAE is committed to continue working with the Central African Republic government, regional partners, and the broader international community to support the people of Central African Republic on the path to peace and stability.

Finally, I would like to thank Brazil for successfully managing its presidency for this month, and wish all the best to China on their incoming presidency next month.

Thank you.