NEW YORK – 13 October 2021 – The UAE underscored the importance of promoting and embracing peaceful co-existence and tolerance to advance societies enriched by diversity and peace at the UN Security Council.

In a written statement submitted for the body’s open debate on peacebuilding and sustaining peace presided over by Kenya’s President H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, the UAE outlined how it has launched initiatives aimed at consolidating the foundations of coexistence, tolerance, and harmony between different societies, cultures, and religions. The UAE highlighted how it is home to over 200 nationalities and multiple faith communities in a peaceful and secure environment. Additionally, the UAE reflected on the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai, which has brought over 190 countries of different cultures and religions together, a testament that intellectual, cultural, and religious diversity is a source of prosperity and strength.

In its statement, the UAE noted the importance of fostering cohesion, building resilience, and encouraging unity within communities to promote reconciliation among peoples. On 4 February 2021, the international community celebrated the International Day of Human Fraternity – an initiative of the UAE at the UN to help spread awareness about the importance of embodying the spirit of unity and solidarity among peoples – for the first time.

Furthermore, the UAE emphasized that strategies of peace operations must be designed to encourage diverse local communities to own and build peace together, engaging with a variety of local actors to better address their needs. They also stressed that promoting sustainable and effective peacebuilding requires a coordinated and integrated multilateral response.