Thank you, Chair.

I also thank our briefers today for enlightening us with their expertise. The UAE shares the same concerns expressed today over the evolution of the threat posed by Da’esh on the stability and security in Africa. As reported by the UN, there are seven different affiliate groups in eleven countries on the African continent. Today’s discussion, which follows the Council’s Ad hoc Working Group on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa meeting on the threat of terrorism, only confirms the urgency of addressing the issue.

Due to the cross-border nature of terrorism, concerted international efforts is vital. Reports show that the Sahel is home to the world’s fastest growing and most-deadly terrorist groups. In 2021, Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 48 percent of global terrorism deaths.

It is imperative that we continue to develop strategies and frameworks at the national, regional, and the international levels to prevent Da’esh from expanding further in the continent and eliminating their presence entirely. The key to the success of these strategies is ensuring that their design takes into consideration the local and regional contexts.

The international community must continue to support Member States in building their capacity to address this scourge, including through the exchange of lessons learned and best practices. In this spirit, the UAE is a member of the Global Coalition Against Da’esh and supports the G5 Sahel Joint Force.

We must prioritize the prevention of radicalization in Africa. This includes engaging with local actors, such as religious and community leaders, media, and civil society, to promote the values of tolerance and social cohesion and counter extremist narratives by Da’esh. It is also vital that the international community supports efforts to advance sustainable development and strengthen community resilience against Da’esh.

We would also like to draw attention to the exploitation of new and emerging technologies by Da’esh, in particular, drones. We have recently witnessed increased attempts by terrorist groups to carry out terrorist acts through advanced means, including on the African continent.

Thank you.