H.E. Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative


Check against delivery.

Mr. President,

The UAE aligns itself with the statement delivered by Kenya on behalf of the E10.

We welcome the adoption of today’s resolution, and we are pleased that a compromise has been reached. It reflects the Council’s commitment to respond to the massive humanitarian need. It also represents a critical step to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to all those in need across Syria by all means.

As such, we extend our sincere thanks to Norway and Ireland, the penholders of the Syrian humanitarian file, for their tireless efforts in facilitating the negotiations that led to the adoption of this resolution. We also appreciate the efforts of all Council members in this regard.

We stress that the international community must continue its efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people and to ensure access to basic services. This includes stepping up early recovery projects to respond to urgent needs on the ground, especially considering the ongoing global food and health crises. We welcome the inclusion of language in the resolution about electricity projects for the Syrian people. Electricity is a fundamental humanitarian necessity. Without electricity, essential services such as hospitals and schools cannot function, and millions of Syrians are unable to receive water.

In conclusion, we hope to build on this momentum, especially towards January next year. It is critical to continue prioritizing the Syrian file in all its aspects on the long term to achieve stability, prosperity, and peace for the Syrian people in particular, and the Arab world as a whole.

Thank you, Mr. President