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Thank you Madame Chair,

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is a priority for the United Arab Emirates, as they represent a significant part of my country’s domestic and foreign policies. The SDGs remain the foundation on which my country bases its development plans, including Vision 2071.

One of the most important international conferences we look forward to is COP28, which my country will host next year. We hope through hosting to solidify our role as a proactive mediator and strategic partner on climate action. We also hope to achieve tangible results, turning rhetoric into action. These efforts reflect the serious outlook of my country’s government towards a sustainable future that relies on renewed leadership and green energy, and building a strong economy on this foundation.

Madame Chair,

My country is undertaking all necessary steps, including the creation of the first independent authority for climate change. This authority was launched on 20 September 2022, on the margins of New York Climate Week. The authority will be an independent and neutral entity for climate action, bringing the private and public sectors together, and pushing my country further towards meeting its promises by 2050.

Madame Chair,

My country hosted Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week this year, with almost 30,000 participants from 150 countries, and more than 600 high-level speakers from across the globe. Almost 300 companies participated in the conference by presenting the newest and most innovative technology in the field of renewable and green energy. Many countries also participated by setting up pavilions, allowing for an important exchange of best practices.

My country continues to move forward towards more widely using clean energy, and in supporting projects that aim to develop the necessary technology to allow us all to achieve that goal. My country will invest 600 billion Dirhams by 2050 to ensure the demand for energy is met, and to support the sustainable development of the UAE’s economy. My country’s energy strategy for 2050 aims to merge between renewable and nuclear energy to achieve a balance between economic demands and environmental goals. Renewable energy will encompass 50 percent of my country’s energy by then.

Madame Chair,

I conclude by reiterating that the UAE will continue to work with perseverance towards a more sustainable future in cooperation with all.

Thank you.